Why Internal WiFi Antennas better compared to External?

In this article, I like to clarify the difference between internal and external Wi-Fi antennas and how internal antennas provide exceptional wireless coverage compared to external antennas.

Internal antennas are located inside the device and are usually not visible to the user.

Internal antennas are dominant in mobile phones, pcs, and other handheld devices but Routers, Modems, Repeaters, Extenders still rely heavily on external antennas.

The reason for external antennas used predominately for these devices is it broadcasts a wireless signal more effectively, but a router with external antennas isn’t always the most effective option. If a router has far more internal antennas than an external, the internal option will likely be the superior. That’s why it’s important to consider the number of antennas as well as their placement when choosing a router.

3 tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal, tips that work:

If your current router isn’t giving you the wireless range you’re looking for, it can be tempting to go out and buy a new product to resolve the issue. That’s not always necessary though. There are some simple changes you can make to resolve the problem while keeping your current router.

Signal Analyzers to improve signal strength:

You can map your wireless signals across your house using Network Analyzer and Speed test mobile apps to check the range and find out where your signal is weak. Position the router external antennas or router to get a better signal in weak areas.

Change router settings to improve speed:

WiFi signal Interference is a major problem in densely populated communities with multiple routers or Bluetooth devices from nearby homes overlapping on each other. Change your router channel for better reception around your home. Check this article for how to adjust the channel settings:

Schedule your router reboot:

Reboot your router at least once a week to improve the reliability of your home wireless network. You can schedule the router reboot via Admin settings – This option may not available for all router models if it is not available, manually disconnect power to the router and reconnect it after 30 seconds.

Best way to point router antennas?

Most people (me included) think that pointing router antennas up and down results in the best signal. According to technical experts, that’s not the case. Instead, it’s more effective to orient some of the antennas vertically and some horizontally. That’s because Wi-Fi adapters are most effective when connected with an antenna with poles oriented in the same way. So with alternating antenna directions, all your different devices can be accommodated no matter how the adapters are positioned. 

How to improve signal range with high gain external Antenna:

In most standard situations the stock antennas on your routers are more than enough to create an effective wireless network around your home. Not for every situation though. For larger homes or special cases where the much greater range is needed, it might be possible to add a high-powered external antenna to your router. Some routers come with an external antenna jack that makes it simple to hook up an additional antenna. Doing this can result in a huge range boost. 

It’s time to talk to your Internet Service Provider and buy a Mesh WiFi network if nothing fixes your Internet problems. For me time is very valuable, it is not a good way to spend my entire day troubleshooting internet issues. If after a few changes it doesn’t work, it’s best to go for an upgraded system.

3 Best High gain External Antennas:

  1. TECHTOO 9dBi Omni WiFi Antenna
  2. Alfa 9dBi WiFi Booster SMA OMNI-Directional High-Gain 
  3. Diamond, Dual-Band High Gain Handheld Antenna

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