Why I stopped using Ultrasonic mosquito repellent and bought electronic repellent?

There are dozens of products on the market today claiming to repel mosquitoes away using ultrasonic wavelengths. Basically, the device puts out a special sound frequency that’s supposed to make the mosquitoes want to stay away. This sounds very useful and impressive in theory and In lab tests, the manufacturer proved it is effective, but in my real-life testing, ultrasound mosquito repellent failed miserably.

In a wide range of recent studies looking at different ultrasonic repellent devices, each was shown to be ineffective at keeping mosquitoes away. Even products that use different frequencies aren’t doing the job they promise they can do. This is a real issue when you plan on enjoying a relaxing night outdoors and the mosquitoes keep coming even with the latest ultrasonic product set out.

Fortunately, ultrasonic devices aren’t the only kinds of mosquito repellents on the market today, and some other products have been shown to work well in testing. Below is a look at some of the leading electronic mosquito repellent devices and DEET or Lemon Eucalyptus based spray products on the market today. Don’t worry, they aren’t relying on special sound waves to keep the bugs away, they use other technology to do the job instead. Keep reading to see some of our favorite products and to get some additional suggestions to help with pests as well.

Best Alternatives to Ultrasonic mosquito repellents:

Here are a few of our favorite electronic mosquito repellent devices on the market today. They’re proven and tested, and most of them rely on the heated release of a chemical such as an allethrin or metofluthrin, chemicals well-known to be bothersome or even deadly to mosquitoes. 

DEET BasedOFF!, Cutter, RepelGood
Plant based - Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
Repel, CutterGood
Citronella BraceletsFailed
Mobile Apps - UltrasoundFailed
Ultrasound DevicesFailed
Electronic with PadsThermacell MR 300 and Patio ShieldGood

The Thermacell MR300:

This little portable device can effectively keep mosquitoes at bay in a 15 square foot radius for up to 4 hours per repellent mat refill. It runs on butane fuel cartridges so you can bring it along with you on camping or hiking trips, and it’s very simple to operate. 

We like this product because the refills are affordable and it’s simple to operate. Just turn it on and this non-smell device will put out chemicals that keep the mosquitoes away. It works almost immediately and it’s protection that you can rely on. 

You can lay it down on the ground or a table near you, or you can clip it to your clothing so that you have it wherever you go. Either way, the product is simple to use and offers decent protection without the need for any sort of bug spray. 

Each mat offers about 4 hours of protection and one fuel cartridge will run the device for about 12 hours. If you only need to keep the bugs away for a few hours per day you can get many days of protection from just a single fuel cartridge and a few mats. Refills are sold where the devices are available, and they’re affordable or the level of protection provided. 

There is one thing to keep in mind with devices such as this one. They work best when airflow is at a minimum. While walking fast, or on a windy day the protection will blow away and the pests will still be an issue. Overall, this product is one of the best you can get to keep the mosquitoes away from you, especially when sitting in one location. 

OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent Fan

The Clip-On product from Off offers excellent mosquito protection without the need for fuel canisters or swapping out mats as frequently as the Thermacell products. The major difference is that this product is for the protection of a single person, not a small group of people like the Thermacell options. 

It works by clipping onto your clothing and then using a fan to blow around a cloud of metofluthrin. This chemical is very useful for keeping away most types of mosquitoes and has been proven to work in numerous studies. 

Off Clip on Repellent

In order to make this product work properly, you must sit still for a few minutes. As long as you’re sitting still a cloud of protection will build up around you and keep the pests at bay reliably. Each refill for the product will last around 12 hours, and the fan itself runs on AAA batteries that are included in the package. You can easily get additional refills and carry some spare batteries to enjoy long-term protection with this device. These clips are reasonably priced, and scientists are enthusiastic about the product. Just make sure you’re buying it from a reputable seller to avoid issues with battery leakage. 

Thermacell Patio Shield

Another Thermacell product, this unit offers the same level of protection as the first on the list, but it’s not designed with portability in mind. That means the unit won’t clip onto your clothing and it’s not something you’ll likely want to carry around with you when moving from one spot to another. 

Instead, it’s designed to sit on a flat surface and offer hours of bug protection out on a patio, a deck, around a hot tub or wherever you happen to be lounging. The unit relies on the same propane canisters and repellent mats, so you can use them with all the Thermacell products that you have for protection. 

To use the unit, install a repellent mat, insert a fuel canister and turn it on. Once it’s on you’ll enjoy protection after just a few minutes. The product doesn’t rely on any DEET and still does a good reliable job preventing mosquitoes from coming near you. 

It’s one product in a long lineup of Thermacell repellants, but it’s convenient, it works well and it’s affordable as well. Stock up on the mats and the fuel cells and you’ll be ready for the summer months when bug bites can become unpleasant. There are also units from Thermacell that run on rechargeable batteries rather than fuel cells, but they don’t last as long before needing a recharge. 

Consider Bug Sprays and Pesticide Treatments

While most people that look at electronic mosquito repellents aren’t interested in using bug sprays and other products that rely on pesticides, they’re still the most reliable way to keep pests away. If you’re sick of being bit by mosquitoes you can use one of these products along with some bug spray as protection for the very best results. Sprays that include DEET work best, but there are other technologies available today that will keep the bugs away as well. Try a few for yourself, or just test these repellent devices on their own without additional products for protection. 

If you’re sick of being a bit up by mosquitoes and other pests, it’s a good idea to try and get a repellent that you can carry with you. Most products won’t keep all the bugs away, but our top-rated options work pretty well. Add one or more of them to your home or your vehicle and stay prepared for those moments when there are going to be bugs for you to deal with. It’s a small price to pay to keep the pests away, just don’t waste your money on any of those ultrasonic products, because they just don’t work. Get the right tools and you can enjoy sitting out in the evenings or visiting locations that are known for their mosquitoes. 



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