Motorola MG7540 is an Excellent Mid-Range Wireless Router

The Motorola MG7540 is a solid mid-range modem and router for Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Charter Spectrum cable networks.
It’s designed to provide a standard household with a reliable internet signal throughout your home. This unit is simple to set up and has modern features like Dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), support for 20+ devices, 4 Ethernet cables, and many more.

Motorola MG7540 Router for Xfinity, Charter spectrum
Certified by Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable and others
AC1600 Dual band routers provides speeds upto 686 Mbps
Supports 20+ devices concurrently
4-Ethernet ports to connect LAN
This DOCSIS 3.0 router supports 16 times more speed than DOCSIS 2.0

Compatible with Leading Internet Providers

One major concern that buyers have when purchasing a modem/router combination unit is whether or not it’s going to be compatible with their service provider. Fortunately, this product is accepted by most of the popular providers around the country today. It can be used with Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Comcast XFINITY as well as many smaller providers around the country as well.

Simple Wireless Setup

It is easy to setup Motorola MG7540 router with Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, and others. With 4 Ethernet cable ports, you can connect your Wired devices easily with the router, with WPS it is very easy to connect wireless devices faster and easier with the router.

Compact with Good Range

Although this modem/router offers a good blend of features, it’s still smaller in size than many other units are. The vertically oriented device won’t take up much shelf or table space, and it includes three internal antennas offering an excellent wireless broadcast range without the antennas to worry about protecting and adjusting. Careful beamforming technology helps to give this product a range big enough for most standard sized homes without the need for an extender. Each of the three internal antennas broadcast the dual-band wireless signal for the router, making it a powerful device to connect to.

Motorola MG7540 Ethernet Ports

Respectable Data Transfer Speeds

While the Motorola MG7540 can’t keep up with some of the highest bandwidth devices available for purchase today, it offers 16 downstream channels for a respectable 686 Mbps maximum download speed and 4 upstream channels for up to 123 Mbps upload transfer rate. That should be more than fast enough for most standard households and is more bandwidth than many users need today.

Comcast Xfinity router and Motorola MG7540

Designed for Advanced Networking

This modem and router support up to 20+ concurrent devices connected at one time. Not only that, but it can handle iPv4 and iPv6 network addressing, and it features a built-in firewall and parental controls. Advanced users can take greater control over their network traffic with the built-in controls in the device panel, and can effectively manage the many different user devices connected throughout the home.

Excellent Compatibility

This IEEE 802.11 ac router is compatible with type n, g and b devices as well, so it will work with most wireless devices available today and from years past.

The Motorola MG7540 router and modem combination unit aren’t the most powerful devices available today, but it’s a solid mid-range product that will meet the needs of most households around the country. Even households with 20 or more devices shouldn’t have any trouble when using this equipment. It’s only the users with Internet connections greater than 686 Mbps down that will be held back by this device, or those with very intense home media or file streaming needs. For the cost, this unit comes with a respectable mix of features and makes a solid investment for your home internet needs.

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