How to make Xbox one faster with Powerline adapter

Theoretically, Powerline adapters can help improve the speed of Xbox One or other streaming or gaming devices as these devices use high-resolution video formats that require high bandwidth and low latency. However, if you compare it to WiFi, the answer depends on different factors.

When it comes to the performance Ethernet cable stands way ahead than WiFi or Powerline Adapters. When it comes to easy access WiFi stands in the first place. When you need an Ethernet performance and convenience of an easy setup like WiFi you can depend on Powerline Adapters. It is easy to set up a powerline adapter and access the internet via a wire.

Powerline Network Adapters
Powerline Network Adapter

What is a Powerline Adapter, and how does it work? 

If your house does not have existing wirings for Ethernet cables, then you are probably better off with powerline adapters. A powerline adapter is an easy way yo setup network connection between your WiFi router and your gaming console or PC. 

A powerline ethernet adapter is a network bridge that transmits the internet through the power lines that run through your home’s walls.

Each Powerline adapter comes as a set pair, a transmitter, and a receiver in each set.

The transmitter is connected to your home’s router using an ethernet cable, or through a wireless connection, this gives the transmitter internet access. It connected to your home’s electrical wiring by plugging it into the nearest outlet.

The receiver connects to the electric outlet of your house where you like to extend your Internet.

Best 5 Powerline Adapters for your home:

1. TP-Link AV2000

The TP-Link AV2000 is a powerline adapter that provides 2000Mbps Ethernet. It is ideal to be used as an Ethernet extender as it can quickly go over the walls.

This particular powerline adapter is compatible with plug AV2 making it easy to install. It is 110 220 Volts, so it fits most households. It is also a plug and plays model, so no wire installation needed. Moreover, it has an automatic power-saving feature which significantly reduces power consumption by up to 80%.

The TP-Link AV200 has a gigabit port. Its range is around 300 meters. It also has a 128 bit AES data encryption to make your network private and safe.

TP-Link Powerline Adapter

If you happen to need further instructions or you have questions upon using this product, you can reach their technical support hotline, which is open 24/7. You have free access to it for two years upon purchase.


Easy to read signal indicators to check the strength
Easy to pair Transmitter and Receiver.
No configuration needed.
Responsive technical support
Energy-saving feature


Has trouble achieving super-high bandwidth. This is common across all Network devices.

2. NETGEAR Powerline Adapter 2000

The NETGEAR Powerline Adapter can be used with the existing power wirings in your home to expand the internet access to the other parts of the house. It uses an AV2 HomePlug technology which supports gigabit speed for optimal coverage. This is what makes it ideal for streaming and gaming consoles that use 4K gaming resolution.

This adapter has a noise filter power outlet which not many powerline adapters have. It has Beamforming Technology for multiple data streams allowing multiple devices to connect.

The input power of this device is 100 240V, and it can reach up to 2000 Mbps of speed. It is a plug and plays device, so there is virtually no need for set up or additional wiring installation.


Easy to setup and comes with 2 Ports to connect 2 devices
2 Gigs ports for Streaming and Gamin devices


It gets warm, so it is best placed in an area with good airflow.
It must be placed on the same side of your power panel.

3. TP-Link AV1000

If you are looking for a power-saving powerline adapter, then you might want to consider this one. It is recommended for online gaming and smart TV streaming. It offers up to 1000 Mbps ethernet and 750 Mbps dual-band.

This powerline adapter is compatible with AV200, AV500, AV600, AV1000, AV1200, AV1300, and AV2000 home plug and it works with 110 220V. It also has a gigaport for internet speed optimization.

Similar to other TP-Link products, the AV1000 also has 24/7 tech support for two years in case you encounter any kind of hiccup along the way.


1000Mbps Ethernet over power adapter at reasonable price
Easy to set up and Pair.


Only 1 Ethernet Port compared 2 at AV 2000 model.
Not one for over 100 feet distance between Router and your device

4. Zyxel AV2000

Improve your 4K gaming experience with the Zyxel AV2000. It is equipped with Mimo technology and advanced Homeplug AV2.

This adapter has a pass-thru design which allows you to use it as an extra power outlet. The body also has 2 gigabit Ethernet ports for multiple device connectivity. These ports support high bandwidth activities which you will be needing when streaming high-resolution games.

Moreover, this device is secured with 128-bit encryption to keep your networks protected. It is also easy to set up with no wires needed.


2 Gigabit ports to connect multiple devices
Easy to setup Ethernet over power device


More suited for computers than streaming devices.

5. Tenda AV1000

Here’s a powerline adapter that your pockets will love. It has AV2 technology with advanced HomePlug. It can provide stable connectivity with an upload speed of up to 1000 Mbps for video and online game streaming.

The good thing about this adapter is that it has an informative interface. The builtin indicator indicates the strength of your signals. However, it only has a 1-gigabit port, but if you will be using it for a single device, then that’s okay. Moreover, you are only paying for a fraction of a price of a name brand powerline adapter, so that’s a fair trade-off.


Very affordable and easy to install
Provides 1000 Mbps speeds


Only single port and will not be able to connect multiple devices directly

How Easy is it to Set up a Powerline Adapter?

A powerline adapter is straightforward to set up depending on the brand and model. However, most are just plug and use meaning you don’t need to do any type of configurations for it to work. Furthermore, most powerline adapter manufacturers have dedicated 24 tech support in case you have questions about their installation procedures. 

Powerline Adapter use

Is the Powerline Adapter as fast as wifi? 

The answer depends on several factors, such as the speed capacity of the powerline adapter and wifi. The home electrical wiring set up is also a determining factor when it comes to speed. 

How far can a Powerline adapter reach? 

There is no exact range for how far a powerline adapter can reach, but a standard estimate is between 200 to 300 meters depending on the type and model. 

Does the power line adapter work between Garage and house?

Powerline adapters can work even in detached buildings as long as there is one single meter that supplies the power on the outlets. However, the quality of speed you may have in your Garage may not be similar to the main house. But, there are several remedies for that. 

Is powerline Adapters better than WiFi extenders? 

Ideally, wifi extenders expand the range of signal coverage throughout the house while powerline adapters carry the signal directly to the device. 

Are powerline Adapters Dangerous? 

Powerline adapters are generally safe as long as you do not come into contact with the copper wires with live electricity. Also, proper precautions should be taken, such as avoiding power outlet overloading and ensuring your electrical system is working well. 

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