How to convert Coax to Ethernet for Wired Internet connection?

MoCA Adapter

If you reside in an old house having coaxial cables based telephone and television wiring. Believe me, you have a gold mine at your disposal to install wired internet across your home. In other words by smartly installing Coax to Ethernet converters and the existing coaxial cables, you can experience wired internet connectivity at your home. 

Yes, Coax to Ethernet is easy to implement to achieve a wired internet connection using your existing telephone/cable wires.

So, in this blog post, we lay out a step-by-step procedure used to build wired ethernet-based internet through coax cables. Also, it explores other ways of improving internet signal strength at home by using Powerline Adapters, WiFi Extenders, and Long-Range WiFi Routers, etc.

How to Convert Coax to Ethernet: Understanding Simple Steps Involved

Almost all homes have Coax cables installed to carry various signals such as cable TV programs. So, instead of worrying about the unavailability of an Ethernet network at home, we can purchase an adapter (technically called a MoCA adapter which is discussed in detail in the next section) that contains Coax input-output Ports and Ethernet input-output Ports. Once we have access to such an adapter follow these steps to set up an ethernet network:

Remember, to establish this network all you need is two MOCA adaptersEthernet cables, and a Coaxial cable line.

Step-1: Install the MOCA adapter-1 in the room that houses the Internet Router. Connect the Router to the input ethernet port of the MoCA Adapter-1 using an Ethernet cable. 

Step-2: Connect the output coaxial port of the MOCA adapter-1 to the coaxial cable network of your home.     

Step-3: Install the MoCA adapter-2 in the room that houses the computer. Further, connect the coaxial port of the (MOCA) adapter-2 to a coaxial cable running through the walls of your room 

Step-4: Connect your Computer to the output ethernet port of the (MOCA) adapter-2 via an Ethernet cable.

Now you can use your existing coax cable to carry the Internet signal all over your home. 

The following pictorial representation depicts the connection between the router/modem and the computer.

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What is MoCA Adapter?

MoCA stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance. The purpose of MoCA adapters is to convert ethernet signal to transmit on coax cable and convert received signal from coax cable to ethernet.

In simple words, the MoCA adapter helps us to set up hardwired internet connectivity using existing coaxial cables instead of investing freshly in ethernet cables and new infrastructure.

Pros and Cons of using MoCA Adapters

Hey, Now we have an understanding of what is MoCA adapter is and how it can be used to get a hardwired internet connection through existing coaxial cables of our homes. Let us now discuss a plethora of advantages MoCA adapter offers and any disadvantages of using these adapters.

Advantages of wired Internet over Coax:

User-Friendly Implementation process: MoCA adapters are plug-play devices that can be connected to coax cable lines already existing at homes. Usually, MoCA adapters are sold in pairs so that we can use one of them at the router end and the other can be connected to the computer.

Availability of High-Bandwidth Signal: MoCA offers a minimum bandwidth of 175 Mbps which should suffice our needs to stream two HD videos, play online games and transfer images from computer to Television.

Highly Secured: As MoCA helps us to implement wired internet connection interception from intruders is completely nullified which is a common security issue with WiFi connections.

Minimal Interference: As MoCA carries signals on coaxial cables it is less susceptible to interference from other wireless systems. 

Highly Compatible: MoCA adapter is highly compatible as it does not compete with other wireless signals at home.

Disadvantages of Internet over Coax:

The number of MoCA adapters we can employ in a network is limited to 16. Most homes need don’t need more than 4 MoCA adapters.T

Using MoCA adapters is potentially expensive as one pair of MoCA adapters from a reputed manufacturer costs us above $100. This is cheaper than installing Ethernet cable all over your home.

Recommened MoCA Adapters:

The Screenbeam (Previously Actiontec) has a rating of over four and half stars with over 3100 reviews. It costs $150 plus for a pair of adapters. It provides 1 Gbps Internet over coax cables.

The Hitron branded MoCA adapter has a rating of over four stars with over 185 reviews. It is cheaper than screenbeam adapters Hitron is well known brand in the Coax cable industry. 

Is Internet over coax cable is fast?

Internet over Coax cable is faster than WiFi signal as the intereference is null. However, Ethernet cables deliver higher speeds than coaxial cables.

The advantages of coax cable is you can use your existing infrastructure to achieve faster internet signal all over your home. Also, coaxial cables are highly shielded and thus can carry signals to multiple floor networks. 

Moreover, Today‚Äôs coaxial cables suit extremely high-bandwidth applications like online gaming, 4K HD video streaming, video conferencing applications. To sum it up for a small office or home network coax ethernet will deliver the desired speed.       

Alternatives to Coax Ethernet

Various alternatives to Coax Ethernet are available in the market. 

Powerline adapters will carry a signal approximately 300 meters. When using a powerline adapter, the signal will be strong for just under 1,000 feet of coverage. Powerline adapter is it does not require a coaxial cable and it needs only electricity wires and obviously, every house has electricity wiring. 

Installing a powerline adapter is very simple:

Step-1: Plug the first powerline adapter into a power socket that is in the vicinity of the internet router. Further, establish a connection between the router and powerline adapter using an ethernet cable.

Step-2: Plug the second powerline adapter into a socket that is in the vicinity of the computer that needs to access the internet. Further, establish a connection between the computer and powerline adapter with an ethernet cable.

Now we are ready to receive the internet signals through electrical wires.  

Recommended Products

The ZyXel 2400 has a rating of over four stars with over 1,5000 reviews. It costs $79.99 which is a fairly normal price for a powerline adapter. When not in use, it will go into standby use which will help reduce your electric bill. Optimized WiFi connection is possible for all of your devices when you use this product.

The ZyXEL 1300 costs $69.99 and has a rating of just over four stars. Many products do not offer good reliability, however, the ZyXEL 1300 does. Consistency is key, and this product capitalizes on that need. High-speed WiFi is a given and it will be able to reach your outbuilding if it is nearby. Its easy-to-use setup allows even those who are challenged with technology to be able to start using this powerline adapter.

 The NETGEAR Powerline Adapter costs $109.99, which is more expensive compared to others of its kind. Although it has a higher price, it is made with high-quality materials and is guaranteed to last. The powerline adapter has been given over 5,500 reviews, most of which are praiseworthy, giving this product an overall 4.2-star rating. Devices in your outbuilding will finally work and you will no longer have to put up with faulty WiFi. The expanded network reliability is enough of a reason to purchase this powerline adapter.

WiFi Repeaters/Extenders are one of the alternatives to coax-based ethernet. 

WiFi repeaters are not difficult to install at all. As long as you follow the brief instructions for your specific repeater, you will have it all set up in no time.

Recommended Products

The WiFi Extender has over 500 ratings and nearly four stars. It has a price of $39.99 and can cover up to 3,500 square feet. This makes it a fierce competitor compared to many similar products. With the main purpose of purchasing a WiFi repeater to reach an outbuilding, you will want to make sure that it can reach far distances.

The Rockspace is a popular purchase for those in need of a Wifi repeater. This product has been reviewed almost 17,000 times. With so many reviews, you can be confident knowing that this is a quality product to purchase, especially given its near four star rating. The $49.99 price puts it on the edge of being overpriced, however, it is still a good purchase.

Mesh networks are another option to consider, you will create WiFi all over your home with tiny satellite stations to create reliable wifi signals all over your home. WiFi mesh network signals will carry the signal within 6,000 square feet of a home. WiFi mesh networks are easy to implement. Setup is simple as using a mobile app to manage the network, making it user-friendly for all.

WiFi mesh networks cost over $100. Most cost around $200 while others may be up to $400.

Recommended Products

The Amazon eero mesh WiFi system costs $199 and comes in a package of three. The product is rated 4.5 stars and has over 18,000 customer reviews. This system guarantees coverage for the entire home, but not for outbuildings. Although it is not ensured that the Eero system will reach as far as an outbuilding, there is a possibility it will. In addition, it is safe to use because there are frequent security updates.

The TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System costs $169.99. The coverage fares better than other common systems and ensures up to 5,500 sq. ft of coverage. With over 17,000 reviews, it has been given a rating of 4.6 stars, which makes it easy to assume this product is worth its price. This mesh network comes in a package of three, but other packages are available as well for various prices.

The Meshforce Mesh WiFi System costs $159.99 and comes in a three-pack. The signal this system produces is powerful and will reach up to 6,000 sq. ft. Advanced features are also available such as parent controls, which makes this product ideal if you have children or otherwise need to limit WiFi functioning for some people. This product has 3,300 reviews and has a rating of over four stars.

we have discussed how to convert coax to ethernet and reap the benefits of wired internet connectivity by utilizing existing coaxial cables. Also, we discussed various advantages and limitations of coax-based ethernet, How a MoCA adapter helps us in realizing coax ethernet. Alternative solutions like Powerline adapters their advantages and limitations and ways to improve the WiFi signals by using WiFi extenders.

Finally, which technology to use completely depends on your specific needs and the infrastructure setup you have at your home. For instance, if your home has a built-in network of coaxial cables running into every room best option is to use MoCA adapters and build a coax-based ethernet network. If you reside in a big house and need internet connectivity in only one or two rooms then Powerline adapters can aptly suit your requirements. If you are looking to enhance the WiFi signal strength within the home premises and your requirements demand simultaneous access to multiple users within the premises you can use WiFi extenders or Mesh network. In a nutshell, your specific needs should be analyzed before choosing a type of internet connectivity mechanism for your home.

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