Do I Really need WiFi Booster?

If you have areas in your home or office that don’t receive a strong signal, a WiFi booster can help fill in the network coverage but do I really need a WiFi booster?

Weak WiFi signal can be the result of insufficient network range and power, radio interference, architectural feature of the home or office, or outdated or missing firmware for your router.

My few suggestions for you before choosing any expensive option:

  1. Update your router firm
  2. Change the location of your WiFi Router
  3. Talk to your router technical support team

If you need help read this article to know how to update the firmware.

If you attempted all my above options and still frustrated with your WiFi Signal strength than it is time to change your router or add a WiFi Booster. My strong recommendation is to try WiFi Booster before upgrading for a new router.

How WiFi Boosters helps?

To take care of dead spots: you may have areas of your home where you can’t get a signal. A WiFi booster can fill in the coverage and eliminate any dead spots in your home.

To speed up the WiFi signal in your home: Your router may be located somewhere in your home where you don’t hang out often such as a home office, leaving other areas of your home with a slower signal. A cost effective WiFi booster can boost performance so that you can use WiFi throughout your entire home.

To increase the speed of your network: Depending on your router and the booster you select, you can increase the efficiency of your network so that it can handle more devices and more traffic.

You want WiFi outside of your home: If you would like to have your network extend to your porch, patio, pool area, or detached garage, you can install a WiFi booster in your home nearest the outside area where you want coverage. You can then use your home network instead of your cellular coverage while outside your home.

The area you want to cover is large: Adding a WiFi booster can take care of any areas of your home or office that have spotty coverage due to a larger range.

The best way to install a WiFi booster is to place it halfway in between your dead zone and the router.

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