8 Easy ways to Improve the Security of Apartment or Condo Under $30

People living in apartments often do without the security systems and protective measures that keep homeowners safe. They avoid security measures because they either aren’t allowed to install full security systems, or they are intimidated by the idea of making modifications to their apartment. 

What many of these people don’t realize is that they can still protect themselves without making significant modifications to the apartment at all. There are specially designed tools for enhancing the security of a home or apartment that doesn’t require any significant changes to install. 

Tips to secure Apartments

Adding simple sticks to sliding doors, stick-on alarms, wireless cameras, and surface-mount lights may be all you need to do to make your space safe. Below are the top security measures you add to your apartment, each for less than $30. Consider these options for yourself, and you will be impressed by how much protection they can offer you. 

List of 8 Tips to secure your apartments under $30:

  1. Use a Window or Door Alarm
  2. Invest in a Door Security Bar
  3. Add a Doorstop Alarm
  4. Install a Door Reinforcement Lock
  5. Invest in an Indoor Security Camera
  6. Add a Glass Break Alarm
  7. Put up Motion-Activated Lights
  8. Get a Sliding Door Lock or Rod

1. Use a Window or Door Alarm:

Investing in a window or door alarms is a simple way to make your home more secure at a reasonable cost. 

These alarms are split into two pieces and use contacts to detect when a window or door is open. 

With the flip of a switch, you can trigger the alarms to go off. Each alarm features two contacts. Stick contacts either side of a door or window, and when opened, the alarm will trigger. 

These devices only take a few minutes to install, and they can put up on the different windows and doors around your home. Most of the alarms must be manually triggered every time you want to be protected, but many people leave the window alarms on until they want to open a window to reduce how often they must turn on and off. 

2. Invest in a Door Security Bar

Adding a simple door security bar to your apartment’s front door can give you extra protection without requiring you to make modifications to space. Door_security_bar

Clamp it the inside doorknob and extend the rubber stop into the floor until pressure applied to the door. Now it will be much more challenging to open and work to keep intruders out. 

These bars can be installed without the use of any hardware and without modifying your apartment. There are security bars that require extra hardware to install, so purchase the one which doesn’t need any additional work required.

3. Add a Doorstop Alarm

Consider adding a doorstop alarm inside each of the doors used to gain entry into your apartment. This simple device stops the door from opening when it’s in position, and it also emits a piercing siren or beeping when someone tries to open the door, and it’s triggered. 

This door stop wedges the door, the harder you push to try and open it offering real resistance. They also serve as a standard doorstop to hold your door open when not used for security purposes. 

Door stop Alarm

You can move these alarms from one door to another. They can also be taken to a hotel room while on vacation for protection on the go. They’re one of the more versatile security tools on this list. 

4. Install a Door Reinforcement Lock

If you’re willing to modify the casing around your apartment door slightly, you can install a door reinforcement lock for added protection. These simple locks require you to drill several holes into the casement around the door of your apartment. 

Once you mount this sturdy lock to your door, you can easily engage the thick steel to lock your door from opening to the wall studs of the apartment. This type of lock gives you added protection alongside the built-in deadbolt and can offer you enhanced security at a minimal price. 

Many apartment residents use one of these locks and install longer screws into the existing door hinges to fully strengthen the door against someone trying to kick it in. These simple enhancements can make your exterior door more durable. 

5. Invest in an Indoor Security Camera


If someone does manage to break into your apartment, it’s helpful to catch the perpetrator on camera so that you can help the police find the culprit. 

Investing in a simple indoor-security camera such as the Y1 1080p Home Camera gives you a way to record unwanted intruders at a reasonable cost to you. Add one or more of these cameras mounted near your exterior doors and have a record of everyone that comes and goes. There are wireless cameras that can be installed in just a few minutes without drilling, running power cords, or data cables. 

6. Add a Glass Break Alarm

One of the most vulnerable parts of your home is the glass of your windows and sliding doors. This glass can be penetrated without making much noise by a skilled criminal. 

That’s why it’s wise to invest in glass break alarms on the most vulnerable entry points. These simple alarms mount to the glass itself and trigger when the glass broken. The alarms only take a few minutes to install and they’re affordable enough for most people to purchase a whole pack of these devices for less than $30. 

7. Put up Motion-Activated Lights

A great way to deter criminals and to notify you if someone is lurking around your space is to install motion-activated lights just outside your doors. 

These light up brilliantly whenever a person or animal moves by them. With these lights, you’ll get a good look at whatever is outside your door, and you’ll draw attention to anyone that’s lingering around your apartment as well. Look for battery-operated systems to avoid the wiring. 

These lights can be added inside your home as well if you want to see an intruder that’s invaded your space. There are lights you can stick in place for quick protection. Choose the wireless lights whenever possible for added versatility. 

8. Get a Sliding Door Lock or Rod

Locking a sliding door is as simple as inserting a bar or ride in the track so the door can no longer slide. This is how most commercial sliding door locks or rods work as well. They’re made from durable materials and sized to sit in the door track to prevent it from sliding. Get one of these to make it impossible to open and close the door while the rod installed.


Add in a glass break alarm on the door as well if it has a large glass window, and you’ll fully protect an entry point into your apartment. 

Between all these different available security measures, it’s easier than ever to protect your apartment against burglars or anyone that wants to gain entry into your space. Even if you only have a small amount that you can invest in security measures, it’s possible to lock down your apartment and get the protection you need to be safe and secure. Look through this list, pick the items that will give you the most protection for your situation, and add the enhancements to your space. Most of these security measures are simple to install and can be put up in just a few minutes, making them ideal for anyone living in an apartment or another rental looking for added protection. 

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