4 Easy tips to hide ugly wires and cords at your Home and Office

There are not many things that would make your place look ugly than a jungle of wires by your electronic stuff. With the advent of technology, there are several electronic items in our homes and offices that have us entangled in the significant volume of wires.

Be it your office computer, or the television system, home appliances, or merely electronic chargers that you use daily; it can make your living room or office desk look clumsy. It can be very irritating (I can relate to it, sigh!) for the homeowners. You can easily get rid of the extra wires lying around at your place.

One common issue with my home is that we do not have enough sockets. My living room, where I planned to install my TV, Firestick, Roku and DVD player only has a single outlet which makes it very difficult for me at times. For a place where there must be enough sockets to cover up 2 to 3 appliances, there is often only one which forces us to rely on extension wires or 3 in 1 plug.

Another issue that people come across is that the sockets have been installed at the wrong place, making it challenging to cater to the wire problems later on.

It can be a challenge for the homeowners to find the possible solutions that can cater to the wire problems. The homeowners are in the continuous battle of finding solutions that work yet don’t give their homes an unpleasant aura.

Tired of all the wires? Fret not! We have jotted down some of the possible solutions.

1. Hide that ugly TV cable wires:

These vast jungles of wires are often annoying, and people try to tuck them out of sight. But there is so much more to wires than just tucking them in.

With many new online streaming technologies and devices, we all have at least a couple of stream devices. At my home, I have Chrome cast, Firestick, and Audio system right now connecting to my TV, having several wires and cables at the back of my TV to connect these look very unappealing to my eyes. It gives my guests a terrible appearance as they enter the living room. If I clean up my wire mess, It will for sure start at my living room TV console area.

The best possible way to make the TV wires go invisible is by having an extended running cord cover to the socket. You would need some fundamental items that would include a cord cover, a pencil, paint, and brush (optional), a tape measurer, and a screwdriver.

Steps to fix hanging tv wires with cord cover:

 Although there are several techniques that you can use to hide the TV wires, this one seems to be the simplest for me to implement at my home.

  • Start with measuring the length of the cord cover that you would need to run through from the TV set to the socket.
  • Once you have measured the appropriate size, cut off the cord cover to the measurement size.
  • Use a pencil to mark the exact place where you would wish to install the cord cover.
  • Use the anchor and screws to install the base of the cord cover to the back.
  • Make a simple bunch of wires with the help of a tape or cable ties in order to ensure that they are at a single place.
  • Once you have the wires on the base of the cord cover, install the upper half of the cord cover, and you’re good to go.

Usually, the cord covers come in white colors, so if your wall is painted white, then you would not require a paintbrush to make the changes. However, in case your wall is painted in other colors, it is advisable to paint the cord with the same color in order to make it barely noticeable.

2.Tame the cable jungle at the back of the desk:

Everyone has at least one electronic system at their desks, be it your study table at home or your working table in the office. The most irritating thing is to get tangled into the thick of loosely hanging wires. There are several appliances that connected to the computer systems including a printer, scanner, etc. Hence, people need to find the right ways to manage this.

Steps to fix the loosely hanging wires at the desk?

Although you can try multiple methods, this process seems to be reasonably simple. You will be required to have a flexing tube, cable ties, and scissors.

  • Start by using the cable ties to bundle up all the cords into a single wired opening.
  • In case the cable ties are long, cut them off by the end with the aid of scissors.
  • Now cut the flexing tube with the aid of the scissors of the size of the wire that you would require to be treated.
  • Wrap the tubes around the bundle of wires to give it a much better look and bam; you are done!

3. Extension wires back of the desk:

Wire warriors come across this common issue, where they have several different electronic devices and appliances that are to be used regularly. Rather than having the massive jungle of wires displayed on the face, it is better to fix this problem easily using simple techniques. For example, pulling in the wires inside the top deck on your office drawer. All you’re going to need is an electric drill, a power extension, and a double-sided tape.

How to carry out this fix? 

 The best place to carry out this process is inside a drawer. However, in case you don’t have any, you can always create an outlet.

There are several DIY experiences that you can try about. Drill a hole on the backside of the drawer with the aid of an electric drill. Make sure that the hole is big enough to let through all the wires that you will be using. If you are using an extension plug, pass the wire of the plug through the hole to the end of the socket.

Use double-sided tape to attach the back end of the extension cord on the back of the drawer. And you have hidden all the wires successfully.

4. Charing and other cables falling off from the desk:

No matter how carefully I use these charging cables, I often see them falling off from my desk. I often end up disconnecting the phone from the cable hurry, which ultimately makes them fall off from my desk. A cable catch is an efficient and effective method to get rid of this problem.

In order to make sure that there are no wires attached on either end, it is advisable to have cord hooks to let the wires run through by the furniture rather than appearing on the face of it.

Pinterest Inspirations to hide the cables:

Too many devices/appliances call for too many wires. However, that in no way means that you stop using the devices. Instead, you should try and use effective methods and limit the wires on the frontend of the scene.

Like me, people try various DIY things to give their devices a new shape. Some try to store them in a basket while others use to portray them as books. One of the best ways to eliminate the appearance of these technological items is by using drawers. Here some Pinterest.com and Etsy.com Inspirations to solve this problem:

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