30+ Easy to remember Funny WiFi names

What is Wi-Fi Name?

The WIFI name is also known as the Service Set Identifier (SSID) and each wireless network comes with one. The user must be able to locate the SSID network name in order to connect to the network. It is usually connected alongside a combination of the password. You realize, whenever you walk into a coffee shop with your laptop and try to connect to the local WI-FI network, your screen is likely to display, network names. These are names of networks that are within the range of your laptop or your mobile device. In this case, therefore, you will have to choose the name of the network you want and then key in the password for a successful internet connection.

Do you Really Need to Change The Default Name of Your Router?

Wireless access points and broadband routers create a wireless network through a name known as the Service Set Identifier (SSID). Routers are usually configured by use of an already defined SSID network name of the manufacturer. It will look something like Fios-AUZ56 or Linksys5647, If your neighbor using the same router as yours than names look similar and creates unnecessary confusion. Also, It exposes the model and the make of your router to the public. My recommendation is you should go ahead and change the default WiFi name to Unique name. I recommend changing it to a clever and funny name so that you can recognize it easily. Check end of this article for Funny WiFi names….

How to Find Wi-Fi Network of a Wireless Router?

In order to identify the current SSID of your router, type the IP address to gain access to the administrator configuration pages by use of a computer. Most manufacturers of the router make use of a default address for example So if you have Linksys router, here is the procedure.

  1. Enter the address of your router in a browser.
  2. A big number of Linksys routers usually use username admin and it does not require a password or for admin password check the back of your router.
  3. Hit on the Wireless menu option
  4. View the current Wi-Fi name on the wireless network field

Also, other routers follow up a similar procedure to the SSID. Always check the router manufacturer website or their documentation in order to access specific login credentials.

Deciding on Whether to Change WI-Fi Name

Wi-Fi name can be charged at any time through the use of a router configuration screen. If you change it after the establishment of a wireless network, it makes all the wireless devices to disconnect. They must then connect back through the use of the new name. If two networks with the same name are installed, client and users devices could become confused and
maybe join the wrong access. Even where Wi-Fi security is ensured, users may find the duplication of names a bit annoying. According to the Wireless network experts, using the default SSID from the manufacturer may pose a great risk on the home network.

Do’s and Don’ts on Choosing Wi-Fi Name:

The Do’s:

  1. Make WI-fi name Identifiable
    Technically, the name of your network should not be unique, but practically one should have a name that can
    be identified among several Wi-Fi networks. You can give your network any name you prefer without
    leaving it as an advertisement to people.
  2. Ensure a Simple Guest Policy
    If you have regular visitors that connect their devices to your Wi-Fi, then you should look forward to a guest
    network bearing a different name and password.
  3. Ensure the Network is Visible
    The Wi-Fi name is not an issue of security, but its access point. Therefore, you should configure the SSID
    name to be more visible. So for simplicity, the Wi-Fi name should be conspicuous as it will enable you and
    your guests get connected easily.
  4. Name any Extender with Sensibility in Mind
    If your Wi-Fi has a router and more repeaters, then you could be dealing with several networks. You should,
    therefore, consider whether these networks can be shared on an SSID.

The Don’ts:

  1. Avoid embedding your name, birth date, address or any other personal information as one of the SSID.
  2. Avoid using your Windows or your Website internet as your password.
  3. Never tempt intruders through tantalization of the network names such as Top-secret or MakeMyday.
  4. You should avoid picking Wi-Fi names that have both numbers and letters.
  5. Have the new SSID name written somewhere where you can easily locate it, it can even be at the bottom of
    your router.
  6. Consider changing the SSID periodically at least once after a few months.

After choosing the name of your Wi-Fi, make sure it is simple. Type it on the Wireless Network Name Field. The change will not be activated until you ensure it is saved. Rebooting of the router is not necessary for that matter.

List of Funny and Clever WiFi Names:

Scare People Away:

  1. VirusDistributionCenter
  2. StolenBankAccount
  3. Damn! Slow Internet…
  4. This Router is buggy, need Antivirus!
  5. Surveillance Van_5G
  6. FBI Van_5G

From Movies and TV:

  1. Luke, I am your Father – Starwars
  2. Say Hello to my little friend – Scarface
  3. This is Sparta! – 300
  4. The name’s Bond, James Bond.
  5. Why so serious? – The Dark Knight
  6. Dora the Internet Explorer
  7. 15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more – GEICO
  8. Torrent Gump


  1. The Whitehouse
  3. Martin Router King
  4. Bill Clinternet
  5. Abraham Linksys
  6. Benjamin FrankLAN
  7. Theodore Routervelt
  8. Franklin Delano Routervelt

Clever Wifi Names:

  1. 2Girls1DormRoom
  2. If you can read this…you’re in range
  3. Zombies Ate My Router
  4. After Tuesday W, T, F
  5. I Now Pronounce You Man and Wifi
  6. Call me for my wifi name
  7. 911- What’s your emergency?
  8. Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  9. Houston We have a problem
  10. Bring Vodka for the one-time password!
  11. My Own Damn Internet
  12. Every day I’m Buffering
  13. WiFi Restricted Zone
  14. You’re WiFired

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